Three Key Takeaways on Securing Sponsorships

Securing sponsorship partners can go a long way in providing local chapters with the financial support necessary to support programming, web pages, chapter tools, and more. The San Diego/Imperial Counties chapter participated in the August Western District board meeting to provide an overview of best practices in securing and retaining sponsors.

During the meeting, Amber Albrecht, APR, Past-President San Diego/Imperial Counties chapter, and Chair of the 2014 Western District Conference Sponsorship Committee offered three key takeaways:

  1. Develop packages: When San Diego was the host city for the Western District Conference the sponsorship committee developed sponsorship levels that offered varying levels of recognition that matched the monetary commitment varying from $250 to $5,000. The packages were clear and promoted on the website but they could also be customized.
  2. Start with relationships: When identifying sponsorship targets leverage the relationships that you already have. Cold calls can work, but a lot of times they can be avoided by sharing your target list with your committee or board and connecting the relationship dots.
  3. Deliver on what you say: Once a sponsor agrees, make it official. Provide them with an agreement that outlines the agreement and what you need from them as well as what you will provide to them. It’s important to check in year-round, you don’t want the next time you talk to them to be when you want to renew the sponsorship. In San Diego we developed a tracker that outlined each sponsor and their benefits and if we met the commitment.

In closing, securing sponsorships can be challenging but if you start with what you’re offering and who you know you’d be surprised how quickly people will come on board.

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  • Aaron Norris 22 / 08 / 2016

    Thank you for posting this. Really appreciate her time helping us out.

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