Creating a Trigger System for an Integrated Marketing Machine

A Trigger System is a way to ensure that your credit-worthy accomplishments get the love they deserve in real time (rather than three months after the fact).

Trigger Systems result in fully integrated processes and protocols, which are established before you need them. They allow you to pay more attention to what you’re going to say rather than how and where you’re going to say it.

  1. This session will explain what a Trigger System is (the protocol for dealing with an announcement across ALL media channels [the integrated marketing machine], including, but not limited to, press releases, blog posts, social media posts, custom media outreach, linkbuilding opportunities, eblasts, newsletters and traditional advertising).
  2. The session will examine how a well-planned Trigger System can help internal marketing departments meet multiple objectives. For example, crafting a press release and then creating an accompanying keyword-enhanced blog post with social media support not only spreads the good news but also helps meet the company’s social content and website SEO objectives.
  3. The session will also explore the ways in which planned and established Trigger Systems can help in credibility building and crisis control (i.e., keeping team members on message during critical branding moments), as well as protecting a company from disruption should there be unexpected changes in staffing.

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