Going for the “Get”: Unleashing Your Persuasive Power to Get What You Want

Joe will share his techniques and methods for persuading the major broadcast and cable networks, Hollywood studios, nearly every major sports league, and A-list “gets” like Bob Costas, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise among others, to join him on the way to six New York Times bestsellers. Best of all, these are techniques that can be used to get our organizations to buy-off on our next campaigns, our clients to sign on for a new project, or an influencer to consider covering our next big event!

“By the end of this session, attendees will know how to…”

  1. Use powerful words and phrases to make their requests nearly impossible to ignore.
  2. How “old school” tools like letters (snail mail), hand written “Thank you’s” and imaginative gifts remain impactful in the digital age.
  3. How powerful they’ll feel when they make the decision, they are 100% responsible for their effectiveness.

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