Luncheon General Session: Best of the West and Platinum Service Award Ceremony

Best of the West and Platinum Awards Ceremony

During our annual PRSA Western District Conference, the district recognizes the public relations projects and exemplary service that elevate our industry to the next level. We recognize their achievements with two awards: the “Best in the West” and “Platinum Service Award.”

  • Best of the West Award: The Best in the West award is composed of the best-in-show winners from our chapter-level awards. The award will highlight the creative public relations efforts of our members in the past year. Each chapter board will submit one or more entries for judges consideration and the winners will be recognized at the Western District Conference.
  • Platinum Service Award: The Platinum Service Award is given to district talent that have contributed to the success of the public relations industry. The winners have showcased a strong sense of leadership and a knack for PR strategies that push our industry forward. Each chapter is able to submit one nominee per year, and the winner is recognized at the Western District Conference.

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