Breakout 1: Choose Your Session

  • Media Relations: From TV to Twitter: Virtual Media Training- #MediaTrainingMatters
    • Speaker: Brad Ritter, APR, President, Ritter Communications
    • COVID-19 dramatically altered how the media gather and report the news, with lasting impact. Featuring live mock media interviews starring attendees, this session explores how the media work today and provides techniques to help you effectively serve as a front-line spokesperson, whether in-person or virtually. In this session, expect to learn:
      • The post-COVID media landscape and what it means to PR professionals
      • How to prepare for and conduct in-person and virtual video interviews.
      • How to serve as a spokesperson during a crisis
  • Digital/Social: Jump Start Your Business Using Instagram Reels
    • Speaker: Delani Denton, Owner, Delani Denton Social & Digital Marketing
    • Are you using Instagram Reels for your business page? If not, it’s time to jump in. You may have heard of Instagram Reels (and seen them taking over your explore feed!) and while part of you is groaning at the thought of yet another format to think about in your social strategy – trust me when I say it’s one you can’t ignore. In this session, expect to learn:
      • Learn what Reels are, and how to navigate the Reels interface (creating content, using effects and music, and editing footage)
      • Create a content strategy specifically for Reels
      • Understand key trends and video styles that drive engagement
      • Understand the relationship between Reels and business results
      • Tips and Tricks to get your started, and make your life easy
  • Career Development: Am I a Jerk at Work? How to Combat Implicit Bias
    • Speaker: Stacy Bernal, CEO, See Stacy Speak
    • Everyone has some sort of bias and the only way to work through it is to recognize, accept, and own it. In this empowering and engaging presentation, Stacy leads a discussion on some of the ways Implicit Bias affects the work environment, from the C-suite down. Drawing on her background in communication, Stacy provides tools and actionable strategies for audience members to implement in their personal and professional settings to recognize their own biases, chart a course for correction, and create lasting change in their lives. Stacy’s perspective is fresh and witty, as she deftly helps audiences navigate through sometimes uncomfortable but necessary conversations. In this session, expect to learn:
      • What implicit bias is and its impact in the workplace
      • What you can do to combat your own biases
      • How to ultimately help create positive lasting change in yourself, your communities, and the world

      A workbook PDF will be provided for attendees.

  • Marketing and Measurement: Three Secrets to Getting Approval for Your Client’s Project
    • Speaker: Katie Coates, APR, Fellow PRSA
    • Your client has a proposal for a project that is headed to a public hearing amidst opposition. How do you:
      • Overcome project opposition?
      • Get buy-in from decision makers?
      • Save time and money?


      Katie has twenty years’ experience serving as the ‘clean-up crew,’ succeeding in getting approval for her clients where other PR teams had previously failed. She will share case studies that illustrate the strategies you need to succeed. The neuroscience of persuasion works in many environments, including city and agency public hearings, state legislatures, local school board meetings, the board meetings of Homeowners’ Associations, and even within the workplace. In this session, expect to learn:

      • What the decision makers need and want so they’ll listen to your client and not just the opposition
      • How to deal with opponents
      • What you need to present a project if you’ve never prepared a client for a public hearing
      • How to be successful every time, even if your client’s project has been deemed “hopeless” or a “lost cause.”
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