Breakout 3: Choose Your Session

  • Media Relations: Where Danger Lurks: Protecting Against Reputational Crises from the Inside Out
    • Location: Laughlin III
    • Speaker: Jon Goldberg, Chief Reputation Architect, Reputation Architects Inc.
    • Many of the most damaging reputational crises today result not from forces and events outside an organization, but from action or inaction within. They happen because people make decisions without adequately considering the risks, or because they fail to sense and respond to issues early on, before they can snowball into bigger problems. Learn how to identify and neutralize these hidden dangers to head off self-inflicted catastrophes and protect your reputation from the human, operational, cultural and financial dangers lying in wait within your organizations. In this session, expect to learn:
      • The myriad of reputational hazards that lurk within your organization and best practices for building immunity to these risks and crisis-proofing your reputation.
      • Warren Buffet’s secret to keeping scandalous stories about your organization off the front page of your local newspaper.
      • How to make reputation a “keystone habit” throughout your organization and foster a risk-sensitive culture in which every employee takes responsibility for safeguarding your most precious and fragile asset—reputation.
  • Digital/Social: Moving Your Social Channels from Broadcasting to Meaningful Relationships
    • Location: Laughlin II
    • Speaker: Arturo Garcia, Manager of Marketing and Communications, Museum of Photographic Arts
    • Your social media platforms are forums. Stop using social channels as if you were a TV network pumping out content. Start using them as if you were having a fun conversation after dinner with friends. Go from one-way to two-way communications. You will start seeing more positive engagement rates, in addition to a community quick to speak well about you both online and offline. You have earned their trust, and they will let you know in the comment section
  • Career Development: How to Recruit, Retain and Develop New PR Talent in a Pandemic
    • Location: Laughlin I
    • Speaker: Eric Wilson, Associate Educator, Wichita State University Elliott School of Communication
    • Speaker: Ashtyn Rottinghaus, Textron Aviation Communication Specialist
    • Generation Z — the current wave of college students, interns and entry level employees — coupled with social justice movements and a global pandemic are changing the communication workforce. Learn how to recruit, engage and retain this dynamic young talent. Explore Gen Z perspectives, tendencies and communication styles. And discover how to develop an inclusive culture that allows Gen Zs to integrate, thrive and lead in a turbulent socioeconomic environment. Co-presenters Eric M. Wilson and Ashtyn Rottinghaus, leaders in the PRSA Kansas Chapter and PRSA Southwest District, have nearly 20 years of recruiting, training and leading PR students, interns and new professionals. In this session, expect to learn:
      • How to examine the latest data, news coverage and trends to gain a clearer understanding of the characteristics, patterns and practices of Gen Z communication professionals.
      • How to identify best practices for communicating with, recruiting, retaining and serving Gen Z employees and interns, with an emphasis on best practices during the pandemic and social justice movements.
      • How to evaluate programs, experiences and corporate cultures to create a sustainable talent pipeline that attracts top-notch interns and young professionals.

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