Breakout 5: Choose Your Session

  • Media Relations: Drinking from the Firehose: Professional & Personal Tips in Times of Crisis
    • Location: Laughlin II
    • Speaker: Gretchen Papez, APR, Director of Public Relations, Valley Health Systems
    • No matter the situation, a crisis is inevitable. Learn quick tips for the preparation and response to professional crisis (i.e. mass casualties, continued pandemic response, technology disruptions/cyberattacks, weather/environment, company disasters) and private situations. Additional tips for personal preparations, self-care and trying to maintain health, sanity and organization are included. In this session, expect to learn:
      • Advance planning needs for crisis communications
      • Response and communication needs to reach multiple audiences
      • Learn personal preparation needs for professional and personal crisis situations
  • Digital/Social: Creating “Sticky” Ideas and Memorable Virtual Experiences: PRSA Southern Arizona’s 2020 Impact Award Winner
    • Location: Laughlin III
    • Speaker: Katherine Monberg, Senior Strategist, Godat Design, Inc.
    • Speaker: Meredith Ford, Account Manager, NüPOINT Marketing
    • Faced with reshaping PRSA Southern Arizona’s annual IMPACT Awards and flagship event within the pandemic, we engaged “sticky” content principles to capture attention and attract new participants through Personal Pop-Up Events: personalized virtual Zoom events accompanied by hand-delivered IMPACT Award boxes. PRSA Southern Arizona then hosted guided virtual “unboxing” celebrations for awardees, their colleagues, friends, and family.This personalized, virtual approach preserved the drama and excitement of live events, introduced our new IMPACT Award brand, and successfully balanced the long tradition of PRSA in the Southern Arizona community with unexpected elements to stand out and create a unique, fun, and engaging virtual experience.
  • Career Development: Diversity in the PR Workplace: Why is the PR Industry Still 83% White?
    • Location: Laughlin I
    • Speaker: Jamie Hampton, CEO, Mixte Communications
    • Three years ago, Jamie finally understood a major issue in the PR industry: it’s 83% white. Jamie was part of the problem: Mixte’s staff didn’t represent its market demographics. Today, the team features economic, racial and gender diversity. But she didn’t stop. Jamie turned her attention toward the industry. She launched a social enterprise PR agency that provides paid training to refugees and immigrants to bring diversity to the sector.In this session, Jamie will share her path, her tested practices to change the homogeneity of her staff, and the mistakes she overcame to create an inclusive workplace that reflects the diversity that makes this nation great. In this session, expect to learn:
      • Three immediate changes they can make to recruit a more diverse talent pool
      • How to assess if lack of diversity is affecting their business
      • Strategies to ensure their newly diverse workforce welcomes new perspectives

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