Morning Keynote: Go Back To Where You Came From!

Keynote by Wajahat Ali, Daily Beast.

Wajahat Ali was the awkward, left-handed, last-picked kid at school who wore Husky Pants. He was also the token Pakistani and Muslim often asked to be the cultural ambassador of 1.7 billion people. On TV and movies, his people were often sidekicks, villains or rendered invisible. Through the power of storytelling, he found a way to forge his own identity, while also resisting stereotypes and bigotry. He was able bridge the divides, communicate his message and connect with a diverse and global audience. In this personal, raw, funny, and blunt talk, he will discuss how anyone can mine their own personal story to try to emerge as a protagonist of their own narrative, and also use storytelling and communication techniques to help ensure a more equitable and just America that is reflective of its many voices and communities still struggling to have their voices heard.

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