Pre-Conference Workshop: Conscious Leadership: How To Grow Stronger & More Resilient Than You Ever Thought Possible

Heathere Evans, APR.

Take your leadership and communication to the next level! In this powerful session, learn the three things you need to know to become more conscious leader, differentiate yourself in any situation, and expand your professional and personal resilience. Discover the specific skills you need to get better at managing through change, creating workplace wellbeing, feeling more empowered and on-purpose, and enjoying life and work more than ever. Don’t miss this enlightening session, include emotional intelligence skills and these specific take-aways.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Re-wire your brain for increased personal power and effectiveness
  • Drive positive change and resilience across the organization
  • Overcome the top four toxic workplace behaviors
  • Get beyond busyness to reach the next level of success
  • Demonstrate higher levels of leadership
  • Communicate with more strength and power
  • Think and feel empowered in any situation

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