Join the 2023 PRSA SD/IC Board of Directors

As president elect of the PRSA San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter, it is my pleasure to announce that we are seeking dedicated and passionate public relations and communications professionals to help us lead our local chapter.

Why should you serve? First of all, there’s no better time than now to make a difference. I have been a member of the chapter for five years and served as a board member for three. I can tell you that this board is committed to adapting to the needs of our industry and is open to listening to how we can continue to inspire one another and lift each other up.

Additionally, our diversity and inclusion efforts are something I am incredibly proud of. Our chapter was recognized at the national level for our work. We are walking the walk when it comes to reflecting our region, empowering all members and recognizing where we need to grow. Our board members have taken the time to work internally on our efforts and now, as we emerge from the pandemic into the new normal, we are committed to putting this preparatory work into action: programs, events and networking that benefits our membership base.

Board Member Responsibilities

What does it mean to be a board member? It means being  present and ready to lead. If you raise your hand, you are committing to our ethics, our fiduciary responsibilities and most important, our progress.

Board member commitment includes being a PRSA National and San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter member; attendance at monthly board meetings and biannual retreats; attendance at and promotion of chapter events; management of – and involvement in – at least one chapter committee; and assistance in securing financial supporters (cash and in-kind donations). Board member terms of service are three years, so we’re looking for leaders who can commit to serve from 2023-2026!

Board Roles & Committees

There are several roles for members and associate members of the Board of Directors to lead the chapter’s eight committees. Here’s a brief overview of the committees and what they do:

  • Accreditation – Take charge to help local communicators achieve and maintain their APR accreditation 
  • Bernays Awards – Plan our chapter’s biggest event of the year to help recognize local professionals’ greatest successes 
  • Community Relations & Advocacy – Serve as our chapter’s liaison within our region and coordinate engagement and collaboration efforts, while also planning our annual Quality Time for PR Minds event in support of local non-profit organizations
  • Communications – Manage our chapter’s social media presence and digital engagement strategies; head up our chapter’s regular member and regional communications efforts, including our weekly e-newsletter and website
  • Diversity & Inclusion – Lead our chapter’s efforts to enhance our efforts around diversity and inclusion and ensuring these considerations are woven into everything we do 
  • Events/Professional Development – Spearhead planning of our professional development events and supporting efforts for the various committees who host events
  • Membership & Volunteer Recruitment – Manage our chapter’s membership engagement efforts – including our ever-popular mentorship program – and spearhead volunteer recruitment 

Associate “New Pro” Board Members

In addition to a limited number of board member seats we are looking to fill in 2023, the chapter is seeking up to five associate “new pro” board members. Formerly known as the New Pros Committee, these associate board members will work closely with the professional development, Bernays Awards and communications board members to plan and promote chapter events and make sure newer professionals are aware of all chapter and networking opportunities. Professionals who are new to the PR industry or who have fewer than five years of experience are encouraged to apply for these positions. These are non-voting board members but provide a unique opportunity to build specialized skill sets alongside established professionals.

Submit a Nomination Form

Members and industry professionals are encouraged to self-nominate or nominate a qualified professional in their network. Please complete a nomination form and submit to our Chapter Administrator Blake Nelson at by Friday, Nov. 11 at  5 p.m. 

More Information

Want to learn more? Please connect with President Elect Barbara Cosio Moreno via LinkedIn with any questions or to set up an informational call!

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