OCPRSA Member Spotlight: All of You!

By Stephanie Thara Metzinger, who served as OCPRSA Membership Chair in 2019 and 2020

As we get ready to ring in the New Year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the many achievements of our membership in 2020. As seen in the “OCPRSA Member Spotlight” section in our weekly INBOX newsletter, below are among some of the monumental accomplishments our members and their companies:

·       Five OCPRSA members earned the distinguished Accreditation for Public Relations (APR) this year: Elena Bosch, Justine Houston-Brown, Janelle Kruly, Meg Treat, and Kristina Sarenas.

·       Rocket Launch Marketing and PR, Idea Hall and Pacific Life took home numerous coveted awards ICON 2020 – PRSA’s International Conference.

·       Being thrown a curveball by COVID-19, Robin Rockey and Meg Treat (both APR’s!) re-imagined their career paths and each launched their own firm.   

·       Laarni Rosca Dacanay was offered a Senior Communications Consultant position at TIME, where she support the magazine’s new equity, diversity and inclusion efforts.

·       Participating in OCPRSA’s Mentorship Program kick-off for 2020, Les Goldberg, APR, continues to lead in the mentorship arena.

·       Chelsey Finegan played a significant role in helping the City of Long Beach navigate the coronavirus crisis and emergency communications efforts.

·       Elena Bosch, APR, Think Together move quickly from one crisis to the next while staying on mission to change the odds for kids.

·       As OCPRSA’s Diversity Chair for the past 3 years, Brenda Velasco has made significant progress in moving the needle on diversity and inclusion within the public relations industry. 

·       OCPRSA currently ranks among the top 20 PRSA chapters (out of 110!), and the 3rd largest chapter in California. Plus, a quarter of our members are APRs!

OCPRSA was thrilled to welcome more than 30 new members to the family this year, and as we charge into 2021, we will continue to support all of our members (as well as students!) and provide the resources needed to reach your goals.

And why is being part of OCPRSA such a big deal? Watch the video below to find out!

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