Poll: Americans Wary of News Coverage on 2024 Elections

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A new poll finds that about half of Americans (53%) say they’re extremely concerned or very concerned that news organizations will report inaccurate information during the 2024 presidential election.

While the public relies on local and national news organizations for election information, they worry that the news contains misinformation and amplifies division, according to a study from the American Press Institute and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

As the AP reports, nearly half (47%) of Americans surveyed also express grave concern that news outlets will report election information that has not been verified. Some 44% worry that accurate information will be presented to favor one side or the other. A similar share, 42%, express concern that news outlets will use generative artificial intelligence to create stories about the election.

Half of those polled say theyvalways or frequently get election news from national news outlets, a share that rises among older respondents. About half also say they have at least moderate confidence in the election information they will receive this year from either national or local news organizations. However, only about 1-in-10 have a great deal of confidence in the 2024 election information they will receive from the news media.

The poll finds that about two-thirds of Americans 60 and older say they closely watch news about the presidential election, compared with roughly one-third of those under age 30. People under 30 are about as likely to get election news from social media, friends or family as from news outlets, the research shows.

Most Americans surveyed say that, to make informed decisions about elections, they want news outlets to highlight the candidates’ values and positions on social issues.

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