Breakout 2: Choose Your Session

  • Media Relations: Your Story Matters: How to Build an Effective Key Messaging Campaign to Promote Your Organization
    • Speaker: Louise Grasmehr, President, LMG Public Relations LLC
    • As a communications professional, you tell the story of how your organization makes a difference in the community. But how many people outside your organization know about the important work you do? Can everyone in your organization quickly describe your work and values so that even your neighbor could understand? Can you succinctly talk about important policies and initiatives so the community and media care? Your story matters. Effective key messaging can tell that story, create a narrative for your organization and its work, create a unified voice and inform all communications methods from social media to employee morale programs. In this session, expect to learn:
      • Tips, tools and strategies for creating proactive and impactful key messages that can be used by your organization to promote the difference you make, the important work you do every day, increase morale, and affect public policy and perception.
      • How to effectively message your work will empower your workforce and ultimately create a narrative leading to a more effective organization.
      • A hands-on exercise will give you the first step you will need to lead a messaging campaign in your organization.
  • Digital/Social
    • TBD
  • Career Development: Pandemic Burnout: How to Effectively Lead Teams Who May Be Exhausted
    • Speaker: Ken Jacobs, PCC, CPC, ELI-M, President, Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching
    • We’re not back to normal, and it looks like we won’t be for some time. Despite Zoom Happy Hours and our leadership efforts, many of our people are exhausted by the ongoing uncertainty, with no end in sight. You may be exhausted too. But your teams, your partners, your clients and associates need your leadership now more than ever. The good news is you’re up to the challenge of leading through these ongoing uncertain times. This session will give you important strategies, thought-provoking insights, and most important, practical steps you can implement to lead, regardless of how long these times last. In this session, expect to learn:
      • How your leadership energy and emotional intelligence affects everyone you lead
      • Dozen practical actions you can take to help you effectively lead your team members, your clients, your business partners, and yourself through these uncertain times, regardless of when things might return to normal.
      • How to be a more inspiring leader that those groups will actually choose to follow regardless of the environment, and especially during uncertain times, as well as a dose of inspiration around your leadership talents.
  • Marketing and Measurement
    • TBD
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