7 Ways PR Pros Can Show Value, Beyond Media Relations

By Andrea Holland, Founder and CEO of Remote PR Jobs

During these unprecedented times, you might have a client or CEO question or challenge what PR can do for their business. Oftentimes, people outside of the industry forget that PR is more than media relations. There are tons of ways that PR can continue supporting brands right now. If you find yourself in this position, here are some ways to showcase some amazing ways to best use this time, as well as the value you can bring to the table.

  1. Communicate to Employees. Communicating with employees is equally if not more important than communicating with the press. 
  2. Research Speaking Opportunities. Many clients and marketing executives have no clue that applying for speaking opportunities at conferences, events, and forums takes months. 
  3. Develop Thought Leadership. One way to get authority and credibility in your industry, is to establish your execs as thought leaders. 
  4. Build Customer Advocacy Programs. Your customers are your biggest asset. When they talk about your business, people will listen because you’re being validated by a third party which equates to credibility. 
  5. Refresh Sales Copy. Yes, that’s right. A lot of companies are surprised at how big of an impact PR messaging can have on sales talk tracks and messaging. 
  6. Curate Awards. Think about what your customers buy – your product or service, right? Why do they buy your product or service? They trust you. Why do they trust you? 
  7. Support Product Roadmapping. The business or client has probably never considered including a PR team in this part of the business, but as the PR person, you have some incredible insight. 

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