Congratulations to Local PRSSA Graduates

PRSSA Graduates

The season of graduation is upon us, and OCPRSA is thrilled to welcome nearly 40 new graduates from local universities to the public relations and communications profession. Though this year’s commencement festivities look a little different because of COVID-19, OCPRSA can’t wait to mentor and guide future pros from Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, Biola University and Chapman University.

Congrats to our 2020 PRSSA graduates!

Biola University:

  • Kaitlin Bloemhof
  • Jessica Cornel
  • Grace Horvat
  • Abigail Sweet
  • Ingrid Prichard
  • Jessica Nissen
  • Kristin Hori

Chapman University:

  • Rikke Holand

Cal State Fullerton:

  • Kristen Anne Cuaresma
  • Ashley Narciso
  • Emilie Madden
  • Jasmine Gholizadeh
  • Julian Oliva
  • Gabrielle Flores
  • Mayla Lohnes
  • Ellia Rosado
  • Alyss Chacon
  • Gus Ramirez
  • Alexis Flores
  • Isabella Garcia
  • Kiersten Bjerke
  • Danny Cristofaro
  • lauren Steinbeck
  • Derreck Pickard
  • Eric Solis
  • Madison Prete
  • Celeste Martinez
  • Jordan Tse
  • Samantha Rocco
  • Julia Poncedeleon
  • Elizabeth Reyes
  • Gerald Sajorda
  • Zachary Kretzschmar
  • Marilyn Reyes

Cal State Long Beach:

  • Eddie Infante
  • Louis Lopez
  • Aubrey Grothe
  • Alexis Wolfe
  • Macey J. Klipp

For any questions, please reach out to OCPRSA Membership Chair Stephanie Thara Metzinger at or YoPro Chair Jacob Duarte at

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